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Cat House, Cat Cave, Cat Bed

Wool or Felt Cat Cave, also called Cat House or Cat Bed is a soft, antibacterial, and a lightweight perfect gift for your four-legged friendly buddy. It is made of felted New Zealand wool. At HandicraftShopsNepal, we create the product with organic felted, natural, soap and water. The cat house feels cool in summer season and warm in winter season. All Cat House are handmade, so there maybe slightly change in measurements (+1 cm, – 1 cm).

It is a cozy and cushioned place for healthy sleeping and rest for your cat. We offer varieties of beautiful house for your kitten that will decorate your interior and reflect you and your pets personality. You and your pets gonna love it! 🙂

Colorful cat house looks very elegant and unique, made from the colored and dyed wool. If needed, we can make them in your desired color, do write us about it. Many cats are naturally attracted to the wool odor as lanolin smell in the wool is similar to the odor of the fur on their mother’s underbelly.

Cat House, Cat Cave, Cat Bed

Cat House, Cat Cave, Cat Bed

Cat House comes handy when you need to transport a sick cat or simply a cat, cat will feel warm and good inside the house.

These lovely Felt Cat house, Cat beds, Cat caves, are made by Nepalese trained, experienced and skilled women who are from remote areas with poor financial situation. Thus this business gives us an opportunity to empower them and improve their living standard and financial condition.

Annual production

HandicraftShopsNepal team is dedicated and innovative towards the production of the felt items. We produce 25,000 meter felt per year.

Return policy

We cover damaged or any faulty products. Return them immediately to us for a recovery.

Comfort and quality

The felt wool used in the cat house have no any micron difference. The wool used to made the felt cat house is 34 micron and same micron is maintained in our every product.

Each felt wool are compressed using heat and moisture, causing the fabrics to interlock such that it results a fine and awesome finishing of pressed felt cat house and caves which has a long life span and high durability.


  • Special packing
    – Logo prints, article, tags and so on.
  • Normal packing
  • Packing materials
    – Cartoon boxes,
    – PPT plastic,
    – Sack,
    – Wrapping plastic.


Q: Are you the manufacturer of wool felt cat house?

– Yes, we produce and are manufacturer of wool felt cat house.

Q: Do you offer FREE samples?

– Sure, we do. You can order a sample of a product. Per our policy, the sample will cost a certain dollar per piece, the sample fee will be deducted after placement of bulk order of certain pieces per design, and the shipping cost is collected.

Q: Can you go for Private Labelling?

– Yes, we do.

Q: Can I wash the products with water?

Some product are washable. Make sure the dye doesn’t bleed or fade. To check, wet a white cloth in a water and rub the product in a small area. Look for dye on white cloth.

Use cold water (no hot water). Best when hand washed.

Q: How may I clean the products then?

   – You have to use the soft brush, Vacuum cleaner to clean the dust and Petrol to clean the surface dirt.

Q: Is the product safe to use indoor?

 – Yes, the product is designed to use indoor. It doesn’t cause any harmful effects unless you chew a portion of it.

Q: What if I have further Inquiries?

 – You can contact us from profile details further queries:


Bhaktapur, Nepal

Tel– +977-01-6613697, +977-9841958511, +977-9849894700, +977-9849825407

Skype id:

Facebook Page:

Need custom color or custom order, let us know. Drop your queries and feedback in our mailbox,  get complete details within 24 hour.


Cheers, Happy Trading!


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